Holmium Training Class

The Holmium Training Class is a comprehensive training class to understand, learn and enhance your skills in use of holmium laser for surgical management of BPH, stones, strictures and tumors. The Holmium Training Class are held at world class facilities approved by Lumenis.

The Holmium Training Classes are a blend of lectures, presentations, live surgical demonstrations and OT visits to directly visualize the procedure and instrumentation related to HoLEP and other Holmium Laser procedures.

Live surgery is demonstrated on a number of prostate cases from very small to very large. In addition other surgeries possible on the Lumenis 100 and 120H  Holmium Laser are also demonstrated. These include stones and strictures.

In addition a training kit is also given that includes a HoLEP training DVD and clinical literature. Surgeons who have attended these workshops find significant ease on doing the procedures on their own.

The 2016 schedule is now online. You can view the forthcoming course calendar as well as register online. Payment for the course can be made by both online and offline means.

For any questions or queries, you can get in touch with us by following the contact options on the Contact Us page.